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Fanderson to produce definitive Thunderbirds and Space:1999 soundtrack albums

Fanderson is thrilled to report that we have reached agreement with ITV to release a soundtrack album CD of Thunderbirds, enabling club members to fill a large gap in their soundtrack collection!

Thunderbird soundtrack CD

As with previous club releases, the album will be as complete as possible, using Barry Gray’s original master recordings. These recordings will be professionally remastered and, where possible, stereo tracks will be included, although many tracks will only be available in mono. The album will come with a full-colour booklet containing track notes, trivia, and musician and recording session information.

Release date and prices have not yet been set, but we intend for Thunderbirds fans to have their album later this year!

Space:1999 soundtrack CDLive action fans will also be pleased to hear that a 40th Anniversary edition of the club’s long out-of-print Space:1999 Year One album is also in the works.

As with all club merchandise, our soundtrack albums are available EXCLUSIVELY to members of Fanderson and will have a limited number of pressings – so you have to be quick! And if you’re not a member, let’s face it – there’s never been a better time to join. To find out how to become a member of Fanderson, receive FAB magazine* and access a wide range of exclusive merchandise, visit our how to join page.

Excited yet? Tell us now what you think about the releases on the Fanderson Forum or Facebook group.

* we’ve just published our latest issue – FAB 77!