NOW ON SALE! Fanderson’s Doppelgänger Soundtrack Album

Doppelganger soundtrack CDUPDATE: Fanderson’s long-awaited album of Barry Gray’s stunning soundtrack to Gerry Anderson’s Doppelgänger is now available to buy online! Go to:

Yesterday the CD had its world premiere at the UFO convention, SHADO Con 2, and now it’s the turn of all other Fanderson members to get their hands on this stunning release.

The 77-minute CD album contains Barry Gray’s complete stereo score for Doppelgänger (AKA Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun), performed by a 55-piece orchestra with Sylvette Allart on the Ondes Martenot. Composed and recorded for an initial edit of the film, including scenes that were ultimately trimmed from the final cut, it includes cues composed for those scenes that have never been heard before outside the studio.

This is accompanied by a corresponding assembly of mono cues, arranged exactly as heard on screen.

A bonus track included is Threnody For The Victims Of Hiroshima by Krzysztof Penderecki, a short section of which replaced part of Gray’s composition in the final edit of the film – the only piece of library music used.

This latest addition to the critically-acclaimed Fanderson soundtrack library is completed by a 20-page full colour booklet.

Fanderson members had their first chance be able to buy their Doppelgänger soundtrack  at SHADO Con 2, which took place on Saturday 30th June 2018 at Quad, Derby. You can find out more details of the event here.

It now goes on sale from the club website today –  1st July 2018 – the 50th anniversary of the start of principal photography on the feature film.

The Doppelgänger soundtrack is a limited edition release and, like all of Fanderson’s merchandise, is available exclusively to Fanderson club members.

Take a look at Fanderson’s library of amazing soundtrack albums.

Ennio Morricone’s Space:1999 score to be released


Penta Music has announced that it will be releasing a Space:1999 soundtrack CD – scored by Ennio Morricone!

Penta has confirmed that the CD will be released on the truly fitting date of 13th September.*

The CD features the music created for the Italian theatrical release that premiered on 14th January 1975, and consists of three episodes edited together into a feature length format: Breakaway, Ring Around The Moon, and Another Time, Another Place.

The theatrical release of Space:1999 (or Spazio 1999) pre-dated the series’s debut on Italian television by a year, with the first six episodes being broadcast from 31st January 1976. A further six episodes followed in July 1976, and the remaining twelve episodes during the autumn of the same year.

The series’s original iconic score was removed from the Italian theatrical version and replaced with a fascinating score by Morricone, who composed original material featuring frantic jazz themes and futuristic electronic sequences, reminiscent of Barry Gray’s work on UFO.

The release also includes avant-garde library material by Morricone selected from the RCA promotional series of vinyl LPs, Dimensioni Sonore, performed by symphonic orchestra, all in full stereo. Also included is the final large orchestral theme heard over the end credits, featuring vocals from Edda Dell’Orso and I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni. This was re-used for the 1979 mini-series Orient Express, again scored by Ennio Morricone.

The 70-minute CD comes with a  full-colour 20-page booklet containing:

  • archive stills
  • a foreword from Fanderson chairman Nick Williams
  • plot information and credits for the three episodes.

This will be the perfect companion to Fanderson’s own Space:1999 CDs, and explores another side of this hugely popular Anderson series.

Read more about the release on Facebook

Order your copy from today

* The date on which Moonbase Alpha is blasted out of Earth’s orbit in the series.


Thunderbirds 50th anniversary soundtrack CD now on sale!


Fanderson is proud to present this spectacular quadruple CD set of enhanced and remastered soundtrack music from the Thunderbirds TV series.

The most comprehensive set of recordings from this iconic show ever released, the set comprises four discs, each containing over 70 minutes of Barry Gray’s unforgettable music. The whole package comes complete with a 40-page booklet and is presented in a special anniversary slip case.

Produced to mark the series’s 50th anniversary, this release is limited to just 1000 copies and is exclusive to Fanderson members.

Approximate timings: * 

Trapped in the sky 15.24 minutes (plus opening/closing titles) | Perils of Penelope 17.45 minutes | Ricochet 3.00 minutes | Terror in New York City 16.46 minutes | Danger at Ocean Deep 13.06 minutes | 30 minutes after noon 3.53 minutes | Pit of Peril 17.38 minutes | Sun Probe 7.41 minutes | Move and You’re Dead 7.36 minutes | Man from MI.5 9.40 minutes | End of the Road 20.38  minutes | Attack of the Alligators 3.00 minutes | Martian Invasion 2.27 minutes | Atlantic Inferno 10.00 minutes | Path of Destruction 3.00 minutes | Alias Mr. Hackenbacker 12.23 minutes

* Please note that these were approximate timings from a month before launch, while editing was still in progress. However, it gives you a sense of the structure of the discs, if not the order of the suites!


The following prices include postage and packing:

  • UK: £39.75
  • Europe: £43.50
  • Rest of the World: £46.75

Please note: Demand is expected to be high so orders are limited to two copies per member. Pre-orders are now being taken, with an expected release date of late March.

Fanderson members, pre-order your CDs (max. 2) online here!

If you are not a Fanderson member, but would like to join and qualify to buy our sales items, click here


Space:1999 40th anniversary CD available to pre-order now!

Space1999 Sountrack CD Pack ShotFanderson’s eagerly awaited Space:1999 40th anniversary Year One soundtrack CD is now available for club members to pre-order online. The CD will be launched on September 20th, and is a full update of the club’s 1998 double-CD release.

Back in March, Fanderson caused a surge of excitement among fans when we announced we would be releasing the most comprehensive soundtrack CDs ever of Thunderbirds and Space:1999 Year 1.

The new triple Space:1999 album runs for over three and a half hours and, across its 80 tracks, contains music from every Year One episode as well as the compilation films Alien Attack and Journey Through The Black Sun.

Additional remastering has been undertaken to further improve the quality of the recording, new library tracks and Barry Gray archive material has been identified and are included in this new edition. The whole package is completed with a full-colour booklet that is almost double the page count of that in the 1998 edition and a special 40th Anniversary slipcase.

The Space:1999 40th anniversary CD  is limited to just 1,000 copies, and is available exclusively for Fanderson members.

Due to expected very high demand for this product, we will initially restrict orders to 2 copies per member (we’ll be checking!). 

Approximate running time: 212 minutes

Pre-order your copy NOW!

Thunderbirds films sountracks to be released

The soundtrack to Thunderbirds are Go and Thunderbird Six  is almost here!

Barry Gray’s rousing scores are presented for the first time in their most original and complete formats. The score for Thunderbirds Are Go! is the original score recording, while Thunderbird 6 is available for the first time in stereo.


The CD is being released by LaLa Land Records and is limited to just 1,200 copies. It will start to ship from America from 15th August, priced $20 plus $10 shipping to Europe.

Produced by Ralph Titterton and Ford A. Thaxton, and restored, edited, assembled and mastered by Tim Mallett, the CD  also features in-depth liner notes and – as you can see – beautiful cover artwork.

Details on how to order, full track listings and preview of some tracks are available at

50 Shades of Anderson tribute to Barry Gray

50 Shades of AndersonA tribute to the music of Barry Gray has been included on a new album, ‘Me/Lp v1’, by drummer/producer Mike Ellis. Released by Hot Foot Productions Records, the album was released on June 2nd in CD format, and as a download from

Titled ‘50  Shades of Anderson‘, the 9-minute track mashes together all our greatly-loved themes into a mad musical fusion! The album also includes ‘Brains 90’, a remix of the original Joe 90 that was released on download in August 2013.

‘Me/Lp v.1’ can be heard, purchased and downloaded at:

Listen out for Barry Gray music at Glastonbury!

Barry GrayRenowned music conductor Charles Hazlewood has revealed that he will conduct a 45-minute suite of Barry Gray music at Glastonbury this year. The performance will take place at 1pm, on Sunday, June 29th on the Park Stage.

The Charles Hazlewood Allstars will be playing, featuring musicians from Goldfrapp, Portishead, Get the Blessing and Loose Tubes. Francois Evans will also be appearing, playing Barry Gray’s original Ondes Martenot.

Ralph Titterton, of the Barry Gray Archive, is working with musical arranger Ian Gardiner to prepare the arrangements, which are being written from Barry’s original scores. Although the music to be played has yet to be finally confirmed, it will feature scores from Fireball XL5, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, UFO and Thunderbirds.

It is yet to be confirmed whether the BBC will be broadcast the set as part of their extensive coverage of the festival.

Find out more about…

Glastonbury Festival:

Charles Hazlewood:

Barry Gray Archive:

Short film marks anniversary of Barry Gray’s death

The 30th anniversary of the death of composer Barry Gray has been marked by the release of a short film produced by Len Davies and Ralph Titterton of The Barry Gray Archive.

Created from the composer’s personal collection of home movies, Len Davies has edited a short film that portrays the character of the man who was Barry Gray. Together with the soundtrack of the March for Thunderbirds, it is hoped that this will be a fitting tribute to mark the 30th anniversary of his death on 26th April 1984.

First screened during the 2008 Barry Gray Centenary Concert, this will be the first time this film has become publically available for all to see.

Further information about Barry Gray and the Barry Gray Archive can be found at:

Fanderson to produce definitive Thunderbirds and Space:1999 soundtrack albums

Fanderson is thrilled to report that we have reached agreement with ITV to release a soundtrack album CD of Thunderbirds, enabling club members to fill a large gap in their soundtrack collection!

Thunderbird soundtrack CD

As with previous club releases, the album will be as complete as possible, using Barry Gray’s original master recordings. These recordings will be professionally remastered and, where possible, stereo tracks will be included, although many tracks will only be available in mono. The album will come with a full-colour booklet containing track notes, trivia, and musician and recording session information.

Release date and prices have not yet been set, but we intend for Thunderbirds fans to have their album later this year!

Space:1999 soundtrack CDLive action fans will also be pleased to hear that a 40th Anniversary edition of the club’s long out-of-print Space:1999 Year One album is also in the works.

As with all club merchandise, our soundtrack albums are available EXCLUSIVELY to members of Fanderson and will have a limited number of pressings – so you have to be quick! And if you’re not a member, let’s face it – there’s never been a better time to join. To find out how to become a member of Fanderson, receive FAB magazine* and access a wide range of exclusive merchandise, visit our how to join page.

Excited yet? Tell us now what you think about the releases on the Fanderson Forum or Facebook group.

* we’ve just published our latest issue – FAB 77!

Joe 90 theme and Brains get remixed

Music in the modern idiom is too repetitive for my taste. But I must admit that the rhythm has a certain hypnotic effect.

– Brains, Ricochet

As you can see from the accompanying video, a new remix of the Joe 90 theme featuring Brains’s immortal words about modern music has been released for digital download! Brains 90 is the first track from the Me/Lp v.1 album by drummer/producer Mike Ellis.

The original Joe 90 theme by Barry Gray has been augmented by a new catchy drum track performed  by Ellis and edited and mixed by Chris Taylor of Bluebarn Mixing.

The Me/Lp v.1 album is planned for release later in 2013 on Hot Foot CDs & Records and will include not only ‘Brains90’, but a longer tribute to the work of Barry Gray featuring some of his most memorable themes from the 1960s and 1970s.

Download ‘Brains90’!