Joe 90 theme and Brains get remixed

Music in the modern idiom is too repetitive for my taste. But I must admit that the rhythm has a certain hypnotic effect.

– Brains, Ricochet

As you can see from the accompanying video, a new remix of the Joe 90 theme featuring Brains’s immortal words about modern music has been released for digital download! Brains 90 is the first track from the Me/Lp v.1 album by drummer/producer Mike Ellis.

The original Joe 90 theme by Barry Gray has been augmented by a new catchy drum track performed  by Ellis and edited and mixed by Chris Taylor of Bluebarn Mixing.

The Me/Lp v.1 album is planned for release later in 2013 on Hot Foot CDs & Records and will include not only ‘Brains90’, but a longer tribute to the work of Barry Gray featuring some of his most memorable themes from the 1960s and 1970s.

Download ‘Brains90’!