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It’s Fanderson Day 2023!

Fanderson members know that it wasn’t just Gerry Anderson, or Sylvia Anderson, who made Thunderbirds, UFO, Stingray, DoppelgängerJoe 90, Space:1999, or any of our other favourite TV shows and films.

We know that there were also hundreds of technicians, puppeteers, writers, composers, designers, musicians, model-makers, voice artists, actors, directors, hair, make-up and wardrobe and many, many more who worked as part of the amazingly talented teams that Gerry and Sylvia recruited and nurtured to bring their creations to life.

They all deserve recognition for their wonderful work which is why, every year on Fanderson Day*, we celebrate all these very special people. Join us by commenting below**, or on social media, telling everyone who (on the Anderson productions) you think is special and why.

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*With so many people to recognise, celebrate and honour it’s appropriate to do it on the day Fanderson was formed by Gerry Anderson and ITC, with the explicit intention of celebrating and honouring Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s productions.

**Comments can only be left by club members, and all comments are moderated.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Fanderson Day 2023!

  1. Bob Sherman for his first screen role on Close Up. Sadly dubbed by Shane much to his chargin and because Ed was fed up with him crashing on his Sofa. Cheers to Sylvia for giving him the chance.

  2. Many of us over the years have had the chance to meet our ‘heroes’ some who were in front of camera and many behind the scenes. One to mention is Mike Trim. Lynn and I have known Mike and his wife Linda for the best part of 30 years and they have become friends. His design work on so many buildings and vehicles were superb and he’s always worth listening too for his memories and discussing his life’s work whether its the ‘Anderson’ connection or otherwise.

  3. So much talent was involved in these shows. I rarely see any recognition for the sound design team. John Peverill, Maurice Askew and John Taylor. I know there were others involved too, but these guys seem to be the core team. I think there is a short film made in the 60s about the sound effects for Stingray about the sound team. I know there is a lot of library stuff and sounds are re-used across the shows – Fireball XL5 and Thunderbird 3. but the sound effects always sounded right. The sound of the pos vehicles sounded just big enough. Thunderbird 2 raising on the pod. Thunderbird 1’s remote TV camera. so many distinct sounds. that always matchd the imags perfectly. A great example for me is the sound effects of the rescue boats in ‘Operation Crash Dive’. They sound like powerful motor boats, and there is an adequate sound effects for the water being displaced. But these are not full scale sounds. They found and/or created something that sounded big enough to support the images as real things, but still matched the visuals. The water does not have cresting waves and the sounds of foam like would happen in full scale reality because that is not happening with the small scale water on screen. It goes by unnoticed because it all looks and sounds right. There are so many examples, but this one really struck me as to the depth of thought and care that went into the work.

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