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UPDATED: Limited stock… back in stock!

Fanderson is surprised, but delighted, to report that limited stock of some of our most requested titles will be available again very soon.

Our triple-CD Space:1999 Year One soundtrack and Century 21 mini album sets 1, 2 and 3 will all be available soon once again via our Shop. The stock was found during the relocation of Fanderson Sales a few weeks ago, and preparation for our advent calendar. Some had been inadvertently packed into boxes with other titles, whilst other boxes had been incorrectly labelled.

Once Christmas preparations are out of the way (including our fantastic advent calendar), we need to carefully check and count what we’ve got for stock control purposes, but we hope to have them available again in time for a happy new year!

One or two other items are already available once again – just click on the Low Stock Remaining category when you go to the Shop.

Keep an eye on the website for further news, and save those Christmas pennies!


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