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RIP Ray Austin (1932-2023)

Ray Austin – stuntman, actor, director, producer, screenwriter and novelist – died on 17th May.

Ray worked on many cult British TV series, including The Avengers, Department S, The New AvengersThe Professionals, Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased), Return Of The Saint and The Saint.

To Fanderson members he will probably be best known for directing the Space:1999 episodes All That GlistersAlpha Child, Collision Course, End Of Eternity, The ExilesMissing Link, Mission Of The Darians, Ring Around The Moon, and The Troubled Spirit.

You can read more about Ray’s amazing career on his website, and we’ll have an obituary for him in FAB Express 104, due this summer.

One thought on “RIP Ray Austin (1932-2023)

  1. Very sad to hear this . Yet another one of our finest itc directors has passed.
    Space 1999 has always been what i,ve considered to be Gerry and Sylvias
    greatest achievement in television .
    Ray,s finest work on Space 1999 will always be , to me personally , END OF ETERNITY
    & THE TROUBLED SPIRIT . Boy , did he know how to create incredible camera angles
    and very eerie and spooky moments in these two masterpiece episodes .
    Believe me when i say Space 1999 would have been quite different if you hadnt worked on it.

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