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Space:1999 CD wins award for Best Archival Release for 2014

Space1999 Sountrack CD Pack Shot

Fanderson’s 40th anniversary Space:1999 soundtrack CD has won an award for best Archival Release for 2014.

Reel Music announced that the triple-CD set had beaten these other great titles to first place:

  • Crash (1996) (Howard Shore) (Howe Records)
  • Dragon (2013) (Tim Phillips) (Eyeball Music)
  • The Pioneers of Movie Music: Sounds of the American Silent Cinema (1912-1928) (Various composers) (New World Records)
  • Predator 2 (1990) (Alan Silvestri) (Varese Sarabande CD Club)

Reel Music’s Alan Rogers called the  Space:1999 release a ‘lovingly presented set’ and that ‘Barry Gray’s iconic scores have never sounded so good.’

Club members clearly agree, as the CDs have  been flying off the shelves at Fanderson Towers since the set was released back in August last year.

The only down note for Alan was that ‘unfortunately, this release is limited to Fanderson club members.’ 

Well, with the club’s eagerly-awaited 50th anniversary Thunderbirds soundrack CD just around the corner, there’s certainly never been a better time to join Fanderson!

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