3,000 attend Cosford Flights of Fantasy

RAF Cosford Flights of Fantasy

Photo credit: Dalek Sram

Nearly 3,000 people descended on Cosford Flights of Fantasy over the weekend of 24th – 25th November to see an incredible exhibition of Gerry Anderson puppets and memorabilia at the .

Among the many highlights of an amazing model and props display at RAF Museum Cosford were vehicles and sets from Space:1999 and the original Captain Black and Steve Zodiac puppets.

Matt Zimmerman, David Graham and Shane Rimmer were also in attendance, and were interviewed in the Museum’s atmospheric underground theatre by Chris Bentley about their time on Thunderbirds and other aspects of their careers. The trio – fans’ favourites from many past conventions – provided great comic entertainment, showing they have lost none of their ability to perform before an audience.

Effects guru Brian Johnson also appeared as a surprise guest. Brian, who became famous for his work on Thunderbirds and as Head of Special Effects on Space 1999, also spoke about his involvement in two very different cult science fiction films, The Day the Earth Caught Fire and 2001 – A Space Odyssey.

Fanderson ran a sales table over both days of the event, selling new memberships and exclusive merchandise to existing members. Thank you to everyone who came to say hello!

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