Terrahawks in high definition

See Terrahawks as you’ve never seen it before: Terrahawks in high definition!

Fanderson has revealed screen grabs of the new high definition (HD) prints it has made of Terrahawks episodes to be screened at the club’s Expect the Unexpected event in October.

Remastered exclusively at BBC Resources from Fanderson’s own prints, Expect the Unexpected will see the world premiere of Terrahawks in high definition!

To compare the new and improved picture quality of the HD prints with the original standard definition, click on the thumbnails below!

Expect The Unexpected will be held at the Holiday Inn Maidenhead on Saturday 12th October. Tickets are available for both club members and non-members and cost £65 per person. Your ticket will include an evening meal and give you the chance to rub shoulders with the cast and crew from the series, including James Bond special visual effects guru Steven Begg.

Find out more about Expect the Unexpected and book your ticket!
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