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Thunderbirds back on Vinyl for Record Store Day

A stunning series of five Gerry Anderson soundtrack EPs is being released by Silva Screen Records and Little Amber Fish to mark Record Store Day 2013 – the international music celebration. The recordings have been carefully restored and edited from Barry Gray’s own archives courtesy of The Barry Gray Estate and ITV Global Entertainment.

 Five Gerry Anderson soundtrack EPs are being released by Silva Screen Records and Little Amber Fish for Record Store Day 2013The EPs will be released regularly from now until Record Store Day on April 20th 2013, and fans will be able to send off to Silva Screen for a special stand to keep the set in!

Each EP is to be released in coloured vinyl as a numbered, limited edition of 700 copies. 200 copies of each will be kept back and sold as a complete set in May 2013 at a premium price, which means that collecting them piecemeal is certainly the way to go!

The first release will focus on Thunderbirds (in blue vinyl), to be followed by Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and Space 1999. The final EP will be released on Record Store Day itself and will comprise a special flexi-disc poster package – content yet to be revealed!

Fans can order the EPs online from 15th October at or by emailing, as well as from independent record stores throughout the UK.

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The full release schedule:

  • Thunderbirds (7″ EP, numbered blue vinyl) – 15/10/2012
  • Captain Scarlet (7″ EP, numbered red vinyl) – 19/11/2012
  • Joe 90 (7″ EP, numbered yellow vinyl) – 21/01/2013
  • Space:1999 (7″ EP, numbered purple vinyl) – 25/02/2013
  • RSD 2013 secret release (flexi-disc and poster pack (TBA)) – 20/04/2013