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UK: Moonbase Alpha model at NFSM

Fans will soon be able to see this incredible model of Moonbase Alpha from Space:1999, which has been kept safe in private hands for over 40 years. It’s been restored to its full glory on a model of the Moon’s surface and will be one of the star exhibits at the UK’s brand new National Film And Sci-fi Museum.

The National Film And Sci-Fi Museum is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and exhibition of the art, skills and dedication that goes into delivering some of the world’s most successful films and TV shows. It has a series of dedicated displays of genuine and replica props and memorabilia from across all genres of film and science fiction. The museum was set up by a trust to become the place to share the knowledge and passion for film and science fiction and preserve the history of some of the nation’s best loved set pieces. The people who make up the trust have years of experience as collectors, convention organisers and professionals within the film and TV industry.

Opening in time for this bank holiday weekend, Friday 27th August 2021, the National Film and Sci-fi Museum is at 34 Secklow Gate West, Milton Keynes, MK9 3AT. Read more and book your tickets here.