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We’ve popped FAB 100 in the post (and no renewals needed!)

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve reached a momentous milestone as the 100th issue of our club magazine, FAB, has been mailed to all members worldwide.

As members will read in the magazine, we’ve got big plans to make some important changes so no memberships expire with this special celebratory issue – despite what it might say on your envelope, there’s no need to renew your membership right now.

With FAB 100 we’ve now mailed our Music From The 21st Century By Barry Gray CD to everyone eligible for a copy (it’s been mailed to members renewing their memberships in time for FAB 98, 99 and 100 mailings). The music license for this disc means we can only give the disc away, so we will never be able to sell copies.

Unfortunately, in the UK we’ve got a four-day weekend coming up to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee so, with no post deliveries for UK members this Thursday or Friday, the timing could have been better!

Do let us know (on social media, by email, or even a letter!) when the postie pops FAB 100 through your slot, as it helps us understand just how good the postal services are around the world right now.

For anyone who missed the FAB 99 mailing, this also means that FAB 99 is now available in the Shop to buy as a back issue.