Thunderbirds Are Go’s finale – The Long Reach part two – premieres this Saturday, 22nd February

The final Thunderbirds Are Go episode, The Long Reach part two premieres at 8:30am this Saturday, 22nd February, on ITV and CITV, repeated Sunday at 5:55pm on CITV or catch up afterwards on the ITV Hub.

International Rescue attempt their most difficult mission ever while defending Tracy Island from a dangerous assault.

Easter Eggs: A dialogue reference to needing to ‘wear the hat’ is a nod to the original uniform hats from Thunderbirds.

Thunderbirds Aren’t (Le)Go!

Sadly, it doesn’t look like Thunderbirds will be go in Lego form, at least not any time soon!

You may remember that last May Fanderson members rallied to get Andrew Clark’s Thunderbirds Are Go Lego Ideas project over the 10,000 supporter line. This qualified it to be part of Lego’s official project review, and the results were announced live on Facebook today.

Eleven projects were considered in this review:

  • Thunderbirds Are Go by AndrewClark2 (click on ‘Updates’ on the page to see the Thunderbirds version)


plus Medieval Blacksmith by Namirob and Winnie the Pooh by benlouisa which will go forward to become official Lego sets.

Check out the Lego Ideas site for more amazing Anderson-inspired designs.

Thunderbirds Are Go: Firebreak premieres this Saturday, 8th February

The latest Thunderbirds Are Go episode, Firebreak premieres at 8:30am this Saturday, 8th February, on ITV and CITV, repeated Sunday at 5:55pm on CITV or catch up afterwards on the ITV Hub.

All five Tracy Brothers unite to stop a raging forest fire.

Easter Eggs: Brains reveals for the first time that the new version of the Zero-X will be called the Zero-XL. The Crablogger is featured, which was a vehicle from Thunderbirds Path of Destruction.

Offer Of The Month – February

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