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Alan Pattillo has died

Fanderson is saddened to learn of the death of Anderson writer and director Alan Pattillo at the age of 90.

Alan, who died on 16th January 2020, was responsible for directing classic Thunderbirds episodes such as Trapped in the Sky and Attack of the Alligators. He wrote several other epsiodes and was script editor throughout the majority  of the series. He also worked on numerous episodes of Four Feather Falls, Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray and Terrahawks.

He will be sorely missed.

Nicholas Parsons has died


Fanderson is saddened to hear of the death of Nicholas Parsons at the age of 96.

Nicholas was famous among Anderson fans for voicing Sheriff Tex Tucker and radio operator Dan Morse in Four Feather Falls in the early 1960s, where he performed alongside his then-wife Denise Bryer, who later went on to work on Terrahawks.

However, he found much wider appeal and ultimate cult status as the host of BBC Radio 4’s panel game Just a Minute, a role that he filled from its inception in 1967 through to his death, as well as the TV quiz show Sale of the Century, which ran throughout the 1970s. He was also a regular guest on The Benny Hill Show and starred in the memorable Doctor Who story The Cure of Fenric in 1989.

Nicholas was an enthusiastic supporter of Fanderson events and was always happy to discuss his associations with the Anderson productions.

His family and friends are in our thoughts.

Thunderbirds Are Go: Buried Treasure premieres this Saturday, 25th January

The latest Thunderbirds Are Go episode, Buried Treasure premieres at 8:30am this Saturday 25th January on ITV and CITV, repeated Sunday at 5:55pm on CITV or catch up afterwards on the ITV Hub.

Virgil and Gordon must rescue a trapped urban-explorer in a trash mine while Brains attempts a risky mission.

Easter Eggs: The Groundskeeper is humming the Fireball XL5 theme song, and this is reflected in episode’s music.

Give Or Take £8,000

Thanks to Fanderson members, International Rescue’s Virgil Tracy recently delivered a cheque for £8,023 to The Silver Line, the club’s donation from the recent Supercelebration convention.

This fantastic donation means that over 1,600 more people will be able to phone The Silver Line if they’re feeling lonely – for help, advice, or even just for a chat. Loneliness amongst older people can lead to depression, leave people vulnerable to abuse and even affect the onset of dementia. The Silver Line operates the only confidential, free helpline for older people across the UK that’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Having just helped the children of Coralville Children’s Hospital (see Give Or Take A Million), it’s great that International Rescue have been able to also now help older people.

FAB 94 is on its way!

FAB 94 is now winging its way to all Fanderson members around the world!

Included in this issue:

  • a look at UFO‘s life after the screen adventures – in comics
  • a fresh re-appraisal of Thunderbirds The Mighty Atom
  • members’ views of Fireball XL5 The Day The Earth Froze, plus an exclusive cutaway illustration of Space City’s launch trolley system, in our regular Timelash feature
  • an interview with Thunderbirds Are Go‘s model maker Steve Saunders
  • the final part of our exclusive Thunderbird 6 photo-strip
  • news, FAB noticeboard, FAB Review, FAB Mail and more

And, in this mailing everyone (except trial members joining for our 2019 Supercelebration convention) will also be sent a revised version of The Secret Service Close Up book.

How to get FAB magazine? Join Fanderson!

FAB magazine is available exclusively to Fanderson club members – we publish three times a year, and we do our very best to make each issue a joy to read for every fan – regardless of your favourite series!

Once again, we’re mailing FAB magazine in a 100% compostable bag, made from potato and maize starch. 

Don’t throw it in your bin, but instead:

  1. put it in your home composter
  2. put it in with your garden waste, or
  3. use it to line your food waste caddy

Thunderbirds Are Go: Icarus premieres this Saturday, 11th January

The latest Thunderbirds Are Go episode, Icarus premieres at 8:30am this Saturday 11th January on ITV and CITV, repeated Sunday at 5:55pm on CITV or catch up afterwards on the ITV Hub.

While the members of International Rescue attend a prestigious global airshow, a test pilot unveils an ultra-fast superjet.

Easter Egg: The ‘world air speed record’ that Icarus is attempting to break in this episode is currently held by Jeff Tracy.

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