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Accelerate to rate 6 with FAB 79!

Fab 79

The latest issue of FAB magazine is now out, and Fanderson club members will start to receive their copy in the next few days! Read below to find out what we have in store for you in this issue, and why you don’t want to throw away the mailing envelope that your FAB is delivered in!

As you can see, the front cover boasts a specially-commissioned and stunning piece of  artwork from Steve Kyte to celebrate  50 years of Stingray.

The other delights of FAB 79 include:

  • Latest news – from Thunderbirds Are Go!, to Firestorm and The Last Station, there’s so much for fans to look forward to in 2015
  • 50 years of Stingray – we accelerate to rate 6 and celebrate all 39 episodes of the series in style!
  • Mike Noble – Recall to Service – we catch up with the illustrious TV Century 21 artist
  • Unfilmed Doppelganger – we reveal the contents of the original Century 21 feature film ‘Journey to the Far Side of the Sun’

…and much, much more!

FAB 79 will also hold the key to a special competition to win an exclusive Thunderbird 1 bag that celebrates the upcoming ITV series.

2014 Fanderson survey

The 2014 survey is now open for Fanderson members to complete, and will stay open until the end of this year.

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