FAB 88 is here!

FAB 88Anderson fans rejoice: FAB 88 is on its way to the printers and will be mailed shortly to all club members! We hope you’ll agree with us that it’s been worth the wait.

In this issue we pay tribute to the wonderful Jeremy Wilkin who died in December 2017. On a lighter note, FAB 88 is also packed with all of this lovely stuff…

Andrew Clements takes a look at episodes 14-26 of Thunderbirds Are Go, which premiered in late 2017.

Ian Fryer takes an in-depth musical look at how songs had such an important influence on the Anderson productions.

FAB readers explore one of the more thought-provoking episodes of UFO, featuring an exclusive SHADAIR Transporter cutaway by Graham Bleathman!

We bring you the third part of Countdown’s first Captain Scarlet comic strip.

Champagne at the ready as we celebrate our Special Assignment convention.

Zoe Miller takes an offbeat look at Nuclear power within the Anderson Universe.

Ian Wheeler asks: Why didn’t our favourite series have more series?

Jonathan Baxter concludes his visual re-telling of the Andersons’ first live action science-fiction adventure, the feature film Doppelgänger.

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FAB magazine is available exclusively to Fanderson club members – we deliver three times a year, and we do our very best to make each issue a joy to read for every fan – regardless of your favourite series!

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FAB 86 is here!

FAB 86Fans of Anderson rejoice – FAB 86 is on its way to all four corners of the globe at supersonic speed.

As you might have guessed from our amazing cover courtesy of co-editor Mike Jones, this issue’s Timelash celebrates The Perils of Penelope. FAB readers can immerse themselves in a world of Parisian suspense and intrigue… plus an exclusive surprise from a top Anderson artist!

Thunderbirds fans will also love our article titled You Bet!, where veteran Fanderson member Martin Townley takes us back to a special day in 1992 when he pt his Thunderbirds knowledge to the test.

In The Big Rat Part One, we look back at the adventures of WIN’s most special agent, Joe 90, both on screen and in print. On the live action front, co-editor Ian Fryer investigates Crossplot, the 1970 live-action Roger Moore feature film which featured the work of Century 21’s  special effects team.

This issue also has a distinct extraterrestrial theme. We look back at ten top alien abductions in UFO and bring you the first part of Countdown’s very first Captain Scarlet comic strip. We then fast forward 40 years to New Captain Scarlet,  where we take a detailed look at the series’ unforgettable opening story, Instrument of Destruction  Part 1, in a fascinating new script to screen.

There’s also all the much-loved regular features, including FAB News, where we report on Fanderson Chairman Nick Williams’s exclusive access to Weta Workshop, the SFX home of Thunderbirds Are Go.

We hope you enjoy!

How to get FAB magazine? Join Fanderson!

FAB magazine is available exclusively to Fanderson club members – we deliver three times a year, and we do our very best to make each issue a joy to read for every fan – regardless of your favourite series!

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FAB 80 is GO!

FAB 80 - Fanderson's club magazine

The latest issue of Fanderson’s club magazine is now on its way to members around the world. Here’s what you have to look forward in this action-packed issue :

  • The Cases of B.I.S.H.O.P.  – an in-depth look at the cases of Father Unwin and his man in a suitcase
  • Recall to Service: Shane Rimmer – the legendary actor, voice artist and writer answers your questions
  • Ayesha Brough interview – Ian Fryer meets the lady who quite literally walks us through our first steps into the world of UFO
  • The Physics of Thunderbirds – Theo De Klerk casts a scientific eye over the technological wonders of Thunderbird 3
  • FAB Membership Survey – your thoughts and opinions on Fanderson sales, conventions, FAB articles and much more!
  • Timelash: Joe 90 – Attack of the Tiger – WIN’s most special agent gives the Angels a run for their money as we look back at this seek-and-destroy adventure.

We also have all the latest news on Thunderbirds Are Go, including a prize to win some exclusive goodies!

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Accelerate to rate 6 with FAB 79!

Fab 79

The latest issue of FAB magazine is now out, and Fanderson club members will start to receive their copy in the next few days! Read below to find out what we have in store for you in this issue, and why you don’t want to throw away the mailing envelope that your FAB is delivered in!

As you can see, the front cover boasts a specially-commissioned and stunning piece of  artwork from Steve Kyte to celebrate  50 years of Stingray.

The other delights of FAB 79 include:

  • Latest news – from Thunderbirds Are Go!, to Firestorm and The Last Station, there’s so much for fans to look forward to in 2015
  • 50 years of Stingray – we accelerate to rate 6 and celebrate all 39 episodes of the series in style!
  • Mike Noble – Recall to Service – we catch up with the illustrious TV Century 21 artist
  • Unfilmed Doppelganger – we reveal the contents of the original Century 21 feature film ‘Journey to the Far Side of the Sun’

…and much, much more!

FAB 79 will also hold the key to a special competition to win an exclusive Thunderbird 1 bag that celebrates the upcoming ITV series.

2014 Fanderson survey

The 2014 survey is now open for Fanderson members to complete, and will stay open until the end of this year.

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Nick Tate interviewed in FAB 77

FAB 77 features an exclusive interview with Nick Tate

FAB 77 will be mailed to all Fanderson members next week – and what an issue we have for you! The 77th edition of the world’s premier Gerry Anderson magazine includes:

Nick Tate – Australian Eagle
The first part of an exclusive interview with Nick Tate. Ian Fryer meets the celebrated and much-loved actor, and hero to millions as Space:1999’s venerable Eagle pilot, Alan Carter.

Space Precinct at 20
Two decades after Brogan transferred from New York to Demeter City, Stephen Baxter looks back with his third eye at Gerry Anderson’s police periodical.

TV Ad Breaks
A rundown of some of the best TV commercial break cards used to buffer the Anderson shows over the years from around the UK.

Thunderbirds – Script to Screen: The Duchess Assignment
We examine the fascinating original shooting script to this vintage Thunderbirds adventure starring Lady Penelope.

Crossroads to Crime
A long-overdue DVD release was all the excuse we needed to celebrate this fascinating, live-action cinematic debut from AP Films.

Recall to Service – Zienia Merton
Main Mission sweetheart Sandra Benes answers your questions!

Timelash: WAM (parts 1 and 2)
Tony Barwick’s two-part story sends Robert Vaughn to Salzburg in this second series slice from Gerry Anderson’s mid ’70s live-action adventure series.

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Gerry Anderson’s life celebrated in special issue of FAB

FAB 74The front cover of FAB 74 says it all. The latest issue of Fanderson’s club magazine is dedicated to celebrating the many worlds of Gerry Anderson. Our 30-page tribute to one of Britain’s most prolific and innovative film and television producers is something you definitely don’t want to miss.

Decade by decade, series by series, we examine the many highs and lows of Gerry’s life, with memories from some of the key people from his career.

Most UK-based Fanderson members  should have received their copy by around April 10th, but if you’re not yet a member then there’s never been a better time to join.

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FAB 73

FAB 73Issue 73 of FAB, Fanderson’s flagship club magazine, was mailed to members last week.

Within these pages, we take a whistle stop tour of Joe 90 and examine everything from the music, to the influence of Mike Trim and the incredible, or at least indelible, jokes of Sam Loover. Stephen Baxter continues his potted history of the Fleetway publications of the 1990s with a look at the Stingray comic that coincided with the revival of the show on BBC2. Stingray fans can rejoice even further with this issue’s Midas Touch feature, in which Jordan Drakes reminisces about his fascination with a classic mini-album adventure.

But if you think this issue is only about Gerry Anderson’s Supermarionation productions, then think again! We’ve also got the first part of a special feature on Thunderbirds: 2068, the largely forgotten and rather tenuous Japanese cell animation reboot of the puppet series, plus retrospectives on the classic New Captain Scarlet episode Rat Trap and the last part of the Moonbase Alpha Personnel files.

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