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Nick Tate interviewed in FAB 77

FAB 77 features an exclusive interview with Nick Tate

FAB 77 will be mailed to all Fanderson members next week – and what an issue we have for you! The 77th edition of the world’s premier Gerry Anderson magazine includes:

Nick Tate – Australian Eagle
The first part of an exclusive interview with Nick Tate. Ian Fryer meets the celebrated and much-loved actor, and hero to millions as Space:1999’s venerable Eagle pilot, Alan Carter.

Space Precinct at 20
Two decades after Brogan transferred from New York to Demeter City, Stephen Baxter looks back with his third eye at Gerry Anderson’s police periodical.

TV Ad Breaks
A rundown of some of the best TV commercial break cards used to buffer the Anderson shows over the years from around the UK.

Thunderbirds – Script to Screen: The Duchess Assignment
We examine the fascinating original shooting script to this vintage Thunderbirds adventure starring Lady Penelope.

Crossroads to Crime
A long-overdue DVD release was all the excuse we needed to celebrate this fascinating, live-action cinematic debut from AP Films.

Recall to Service – Zienia Merton
Main Mission sweetheart Sandra Benes answers your questions!

Timelash: WAM (parts 1 and 2)
Tony Barwick’s two-part story sends Robert Vaughn to Salzburg in this second series slice from Gerry Anderson’s mid ’70s live-action adventure series.

FAB magazine is only available to Fanderson club members. A club membership gives you  annual subscription to three beautiful issues.

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