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FAB Express is go!

The first issue of our new club magazine – FAB Express – is go!

Fanderson members who are today at the club’s 40th anniversary event 40 FAB Years are the first to be given copies, as part of their event package. Next week, copies will be winging their way around the world to all current club members, and we’ll confirm this on the website just as soon as we’re sure they’re all in the post.

As we explained in FAB 100, as part of our updated membership package FAB Express will be published each spring, summer and winter and include the all the news, reviews, competitions, club news, merchandise, letters and any other time-sensitive content. You’ll see that FAB’s popular Timelash feature lives on here too, under the new title of Flashback and with a new resident team of ‘flashbackers’.

Meanwhile, club designer and former FAB editor Mike Jones is hard at work on getting the FAB Annual 2023 ready for the winter mailing. He promises it’s all looking good already, and will be packed with all the interviews, cutaways, research and in-depth articles you’ve come to know and love in FAB, with lots of new ideas thrown in for good measure.

Also as we explained in FAB 100, we’re aligning memberships so that everyone expires with the summer mailing each year. This will streamline our operation, helping to control costs by having fewer individual items, and fewer permutations of each mailing.

Every member will receive a letter with this FAB Express that explains how to renew your membership to be included in the winter mailing (and get your first FAB Annual) and how we’re ensuring that anyone who was owed issues of FAB under their old membership won’t be out of pocket.

Please wait until you receive FAB Express before renewing your membership, but be sure to renew by 1st October 2022 to be included in the winter mailing and get your next FAB Express and FAB Annual 2023!