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It’s your final chance to renew your membership!

Today’s the last day for Fanderson members to renew their memberships for 2022/3!

In FAB 100, mailed back in May, we explained that as part of our changes to the membership package, all memberships would expire with the then upcoming FAB Express 101.

All copies of FAB Express 101 mailed in August were accompanied by a letter to explain the changes again, and invite everyone to renew their membership by 1st October. The letter also included details of how we were ensuring those owed issues of FAB under their existing membership would not be out of pocket, and coupon codes included in letters expire today.

We need all renewals in by 1st October so that we can plan to produce the right number of FAB Annual 2023. Producing too many copies would be a waste of members’ money, so we won’t be over-printing for those who don’t renew their membership in time.

We close the database at midnight tonight, so if you haven’t yet renewed your membership (including Friends of Fanderson), get your skates on and do it now!

If you still need a nudge, here’s all five preview pages of the Annual that we’ve shared this week…