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Fanderson releases Supercar soundtrack CD

Supercar soundtrack CDAs readers of FAB will already be aware, Fanderson has announced that the music of Supercar will finally receive its own dedicated CD release, in an expanded and updated collection of Barry Gray’s original music for the series.

The bold and exciting music composed by Barry Gray for Supercar set a template for all the puppet series that were to follow. Many themes originally composed for Supercar were also re-used in later Anderson productions, including the iconic Thunderbirds.

The release expands on the material originally released in Fanderson’s very first soundtrack CD from 1998 – a combined ‘Supercar and Fireball XL5′ album’.

The CD is scheduled for release on 20th August and can be pre-ordered by club members online through Fanderson Sales now!

Inside the disc…

The disc offers great value for money for all Anderson fans, with a total running time of nearly 80 minutes and a 20-page colour booklet containing detailed track notes of listing musicians, original recording session dates and alternative track versions.

Supercar soundtrack CD booklet

As has become traditional with Fanderson soundtrack releases, the music is arranged in episodic suites:

  • Amazonian Adventure
  • Calling Charie Queen
  • The Day That Time Stood Still
  • Hi-Jack
  • Jail Break
  • King Cool
  • Operation Super Stork
  • Precious Cargo
  • Rescue
  • The Runaway Train
  • Space For Mitch
  • The Talisman of Sargon
  • What Goes Up

The sleeve notes also contain the full lyrics to all the songs that were recorded for the series, including the opening theme songs for Seasons 1 and 2 (yes, there is a difference!).

Supercar soundtrack CD booklet

So what are you waiting for? Order your copy of the Supercar soundtrack CD!

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