Fantastic Expect the Unexpected prize raffle

Expect the Unexpected

Have you ever dreamt of picking up Atlanta Shore at a party or owning a Terrorfish? Well, two lucky attendees at Fanderson’s Terrahawks 30th anniversary event in October will get the chance to do just that…

As part of the programme for Expect the Unexpected, Fanderson will be holding a raffle where the top prizes are special limited edition figurines from Stingray, courtesy of Robert Harrop.

photo (11) Atlanta Shore - Robert Harrop figurineStrictly limited to just 250, the Robert Harrop Atlanta Shore and Titan Terrorfish figurines have been produced in beautifully hand painted ceramic, are individually numbered and come with their own special presentation box.

So, don’t miss out on the Expect the Unexpected prize raffle !

Just to illustrate what an amazing prize this is, it’s worth pointing out that limited edition figurines of Brains and Parker that were sold at Fanderson’s TV21 convention in 2010 are now reaching up to £700 on Ebay!

Other raffle prizes include a funky  ‘I’ve got Brains’ sweatshirt and baseball shirt and a special prize connected with the new TV21 reprint book, scheduled for release by Egmont this autumn.

Have you booked your ticket yet?

If not – don’t delay! There’s still time to register for Expect the UnexpectedThe event be held at the Holiday Inn Maidenhead on Saturday 12th October. Tickets are available for both club members and non-members and cost £65 per person. Your ticket will include an evening meal and give you the chance to rub shoulders with the cast and crew from the series!

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