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    Hi Simon.

    As you’ll have seen in my reply above “…since 2014 we’ve issued a badge to all members with the first issue of FAB that year. Again, this has been designed as a tactic to encourage members to renew their membership and not let it lapse.” This year’s badge was actually mailed with FAB 99.

    Once we’ve finished mailing the 40 FAB Years cards to new members (when we mail FAB 101) we’ll know if we’ve got any left.

    Email us once we publish FAB 101 and will know what badges and cards we’ve got left, and we’ll see if we can get you up-to-date.


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    We have more titles from both series, Steven, but no immediate plans to release them. Keep an eye on the club website and/or Facebook group (and FAB, of course!) as we’ll tell everyone just as soon as they’re available.

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    Hello Keith.

    As always for anything ‘business’-related, please email the club address fanderson.org.uk@outlook.com, then we can pick it up and take action quickly.


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    Hi Keith.

    “Talking about Fanderson cards I would love to see the club finally issue the remaining Supermarionation cards to complete that set. Any chances?”

    We’ve talked about ways to complete that set of cards, but haven’t really come up with a way to do it. The problem is making enough for those who want to complete their set, but not have loads left over so new folk all then also have a part-set that needs completing. To get them produced economically, we need to do quite a large print run, so it’s a tricky one. Any ideas on how to do it would be gratefully received!


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    Thanks for the positive comments about the 40 FAB Years cards which were sent with FAB 97. As some of you have rightly deduced, we’ll make up the complete set over the remaining issues of FAB this year. Like everything we produce, they’ll be limited edition, so there’s no guarantee that there will be any left to go on sale, so an incentive to keep your membership going (we hope!).

    “I’ve received FAB 97 and the cards. But I’m a bit disappointed that for the second issue in a row I’ve not received a membership badge or membership card.”

    As for membership cards and badges, cards are issued when you first start your membership. Twice in the club’s history (as far as I can recall) we’ve redesigned the cards and so they’ve been reissued but it’s not a normal thing to have more than one card.

    Badges are another matter, as since 2014 we’ve issued a badge to all members with the first issue of FAB that year. Again, this has been designed as a tactic to encourage members to renew their membership and not let it lapse.

    FAB 97 is actually the last issue of the 2020 membership year (which is why we’ve also just sent out hundreds of the Century 21 Complete Puppet Catalogue to renewing members). We’ll be mailing this year’s badge with FAB 98, so as long as you’re included in that mailing, you’ll be sent a badge.

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    Obviously, people need to be able to maintain a degree of privacy, but feedback from members about the old Forum was that people were hiding behind pseudonyms. By having to log in to the new Forum with your normal club user ID it will hopefully reassure people that they’re talking with real club members. It also will hopefully maintain standards of behaviour, again by being hard-linked to members’ club accounts.

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    Hi Ann.
    The UFO Annual 1972 was a big gamble for us but has been a great success, so we are looking at ways we might be able to do more books like that.

    in reply to: Fanderson Virtual Annual General Meeting 2021 #26058

    Thanks to everyone who has already listened to the special podcast, and for your questions.

    We’ll formally close the AGM now and get on with other things, but I’m sure that we’ll get around to any further questions posted here over the next few days.

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    Hi Stephen.

    We originally planned for an event for the weekend of our 40th (20th August) but due to uncertainty as a result of the coronavirus pandemic we’ve decided to pause those plans and look again for 2022. It’s likely to be more of a social event than a convention, much like the 30th anniversary back in 2001. As always, input from members would be very welcome.

    We’ve also got a number of special products that we’ll be mailing to members this year with their FAB magazines, but I don’t want to say anything about them right now. I’d rather we surprise members! I hope you understand.

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    Keep an eye out for the AGM podcast, Ann, as we’ll be talking about those soundtrack releases then.

    As for the podcasts, we’re offering these as an additional freebie service to members, rather than making money from them.
    We’d rather they stay available for everyone to listen to, and anyone can download and keep them if they want!

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    Hi Ann.

    You’ve asked about the Close Up books to be included in the AGM podcast, so we’ll be answering it there.

    The idea of the annual badges was to encourage members to keep their membership going every year. As such, any left over have been binned. There’s always a chance that one of the committee will find one or two down the back of the sofa, so if that happens, I’ll bear you in mind!


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