Century 21 and Action 21 – limited stock of 80s/90s magazines available

The family of Fanderson founding member David Nightingale are in the process of sorting through his estate, and we’ve offered to try to help sell some of his old stock of Engale products.

We’ve now got a limited stock of Century 21 (the successor to the fondly-remembered SIG) and Action 21 magazines. Just click on the Engale Marketing category in our Shop to see what’s available, and we’ll update this as more products become available to us.

New ‘must-have’ Space:1999 book!

Extensively trailed in Fanderson Podcast 8, Telos Publishing has announced their forthcoming ‘must have’ book for all Space:1999 fans.

To Everything That Might Have Been: The Lost Universes of Space: 1999 is written by David Hirsch and Robert E Wood with the series’ story consultant Christopher Penfold. The book “delves deep into the early days and development of the show, includes details from recently discovered documentation and correspondence to provide the most detailed view yet of exactly how Space:1999 came to be and how it developed”.

More details as they become available.