Christmas TV – not EastEnders again!

At a loss for some quality seasonal television from the broadcasters this Christmas? Why not dig out the TVTimes special that we mailed with FAB last year (and again recently for new members)?

Surround yourself with some treats and a little something to wash it all down, then feast out all day on the very best seasonal Gerry and Sylvia Anderson entertainment (and remember, Stingray A Christmas To Remember is just one of the many programmes now available in high definition).

PS – Obviously, but just in case anyone thought otherwise, in the supplement the 40th Anniversary Quiz closed on 31st January 2021, and Six-Five Special offers were valid until 14th February 2021!

Space:1999 helmet from Sixteen 12

Sixteen 12, the diecast models and collectibles specialist, has announced the summer 2022 release of their replica Space:1999 helmets.

Limited to just 200 copies worldwide, the full-size scale replica features:

  • hinged visor
  • handmade in fibreglass, with authentic details and fully lined interior
  • display stand
  • aluminium plaque featuring unique individual edition number
  • Koenig, Russell, Carter or Maya labelling

RRP is £299.99, but early-bird ordering opens on 14th January 2022. See more at

Stingray coming to Blu-ray Disc in 2022

Network have finally confirmed what we’ve been hoping for (and they’ve been hinting at) for ages. Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s groundbreaking underwater series Stingray is being remastered in high definition for a release on Blu-ray Disc in 2022!

The series will be offered in two limited edition boxsets. For £80, the Deluxe edition includes:

  • Exclusive, limited edition deluxe packaging
  • Brand-new Stingray comic
  • Brand-new Stingray book by archive television historian Andrew Pixley
  • Gerry Anderson commentaries on the pilot and Stand By For Action
  • The Reunion Party – HD remaster of the Japanese Stingray presentation footage
  • Give-a-Show projector image gallery
  • Sylvia Anderson interview part 2
  • Walton home movies
  • Image gallery (5 mins)
  • Stingray WASP pilot license and badge
  • Brand-new mini adventure CD
  • Stingray ephemera wallet
  • Lincoln toy advert
  • Lyons Maid advert
  • Des O’Connor Show sketch
  • Ad bumpers
  • French end credits
  • Century 21 Tech Talk: Stingray
  • Stingray TV21 audio adventures
  • Remastered and reconstructed Super Space Theater films The Incredible Voyage Of Stingray and Invaders From The Deep (to be shipped separately in summer 2022)

For an extra £30, the Super-Deluxe edition adds:

  • Super Deluxe edition box
  • Luxury hardcover memorabilia album
  • Replica Stingray pressbook
  • Two bespoke art prints
  • Stingray aqua blue 7″ vinyl EP

Both sets are expected to be released in April 2022, and can be pre-ordered now at Network.

In the meantime, to whet your appetite A Christmas To Remember is available to stream, free of charge, until 18:00 on Sunday 26th December.

The last post

As you know, we’re a not-for-profit club run by volunteers so, with the last posting date behind us (for all but first class UK), we’re now putting our feet up for a few days for a well-earned break and enjoy the festive season. We’ve done our best to mail as much as possible so that it might arrive by Christmas, though we cannot guarantee this.

The only exception to this is our The Secret Service Annual. We received stock on the last day for UK first class post, so mailed as many of the UK pre-orders as possible so club members have something lovely to open on Christmas morning!

Thanks to everyone who has supported Fanderson this year by joining or renewing their membership, or buying any of our exclusive merchandise. We’ll start mailing again week commencing 4th January.

Have A Christmas To Remember!

Following hot on the heels of their recent You’ve Never Seen These night, Network are offering fans a chance to watch another episode of Stingray in high definition!

From 19:00 on Wednesday 22nd December, Network will be streaming their remastered A Christmas To Remember episode, free! And, from the teaser preview, it looks in even better quality than Treasure Down Below, which they showed previously.

The episode will then be available to watch over and over again, free, until 18:00 on Sunday 26th December! Don’t miss out – register for your free Network On Air account now!

UPDATED: David Nightingale RIP

It is with great sadness that we report that David Nightingale, one of Fanderson’s founding members and biggest personalities, has died.

David created Supermarionation Is Go! magazine in 1981 and it was to be the bedrock of the club when Gerry Anderson worked with fans to create Fanderson. The quality of SiG was exemplary for a fan magazine, and continued in SiG’s successor Century 21 and the classic television magazine Timescreen. David’s quality ethos was to spur him on to open not one but two Thunderbooks stores, and then to embrace online trading by opening Star Trader. His most recent work for the club brought him full circle as he worked with Mike Jones on the SiG 21 anniversary special.

Larger than life, with a great bubbly, friendly personality, David was a huge fan of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s work. He was a regular fixture behind a merchandise table at conventions, where he made many friends.

We will have a full obituary for David Nightingale in FAB 100.

UPDATE 7th December: You should be able to join the live stream of David’s funeral at

UPDATE: David’s son Stephen advises that the funeral will be held at 12:15 on Wednesday 15th December at  Lytham Crematorium, Regent Ave, Lytham Saint Annes FY8 4AB followed by the wake at Blackpool Cricket Club, West Park Drive, Blackpool FY3 9EQ.

The family would like to thank everyone for their kind words and would love to see as many faces as possible at the funeral but understand not everyone can make the day. With that in mind, they have arranged for the funeral to be streamed (details to follow).

The family have discussed donations (“My dad wasn’t a flower man, he was more into his Thunderbird puppets”) and ask that any donations go towards his grandson’s tour with Foxhall Under 11s football team:

  • account: Foxhall Juniors FC
  • sort code: 201003
  • account: 33535924
  • swiftbic code: BUKBGB22
  • iban: GB90 BUKB 2010 0333 5359 24

30% off in Network’s To Santa promotion

Four Feather Falls, Terrahawks volumes 1, 2 and 3 and Dick Spanner DVDs are all available with 30% off in Network’s To Santa promotion.

Also included, and of interest to Supermarionation fans, is The Adventures Of Rupert Bear complete series DVD. This is the series Mary Turner and John read made for ITC once the Century 21 puppet stages had closed.

Network’s To Santa promotion ends at 16:00 on Thursday 9th December 2021.